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by admin
On March 20, 2017
Funding for Commercial Litigation Claims  Commercial Litigation Funding is vital financing mechanism for many businesses involved in costly litigation. Without funding from third party funders many businesses would not be able to pursue litigation. Corporate Litigation Funding ensures businesses are not denied their access to j...
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by admin
On March 10, 2017
How to arrange Pre-Settlement Finance for your lawsuit Pursuing a lawsuit can be challenging. It can take time - even years - while expenses for those involved can pile up causing unnecessary strain. As an individual, this can mean added financial pressure on top of your bills, rent and living costs. And if you're a business, sp...
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by admin
On March 2, 2017
What is Pre-Settlement Funding? If you find yourself involved in a costly and lengthy claims process you may begin to struggle financially. Pre-Settlement funding is a way you can tap into the potential value of your claim and release some of its value you can use to cover attorney fees, medical costs and living expenses until ...
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