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Claims We Fund

Here at Claims Funding, we offer financial solutions to attorneys. Our funding can be used for a variety of different claims. Below is a list of all the claims we fund:

Auto Accidents

Auto accidents are one of the most common claims out there. Each year, millions of people are injured in accidents on the roads. Victims are often entitled to large settlements in these claims. As such, you need to do your best to ensure they get what they deserve. With auto accident funding, we can help you deal with a claim like this. Our money can go towards paying for expert analysis to help gain evidence for your clients.

Divorce Proceedings

Statistics show that one in three marriages ends in divorce. As such, there are plenty of divorce proceedings happening every year. Attorneys have to mediate the proceedings and ensure that everything gets solved quickly. This includes sorting out financial disputes as well as custody of children and ownership of property. All things considered, divorce proceedings can take an extremely long time. The longer something takes, the more it drains your resources. With divorce proceeding funding, you can loosen the strain on your finances. Use the money to pay your legal fees without having to wait for the divorce to be finalized. Also, funding is great to cover court costs and help pay for resources to get your client ahead. It can put you in a better position to win the claim and ensure your client gets the most out of their divorce.

Premise Liability

Millions of people fall victim to premise liability each year. If someone gets injured on another person’s premises, they can sue for liability. This applies to any type of injury you can think of, from slipping in a hotel lobby to getting whiplash on a theme park ride. Our premise liability funding will help you win your client’s claim, fast. Use the money to find out all the evidence you need to prove the owner was liable. What’s more, these claims include plenty of court time. So, you can use the funding to pay for barrister and court fees too.

Slip & Fall Accidents

Slip & fall accidents can be a real problem for many individuals. Slipping and falling can easily result in a personal injury. Most of the time, the slip & fall wasn’t the victim’s fault. The trouble is, a lot of victims fail to get compensation for this claim. It’s even worse when you consider the mounting medical bills they have as a result of their injury. People can slip and fall outside of someone’s premises, which is why they struggle to win their claim. It doesn’t fall under premise liability, so, what can they do? If you get slip & fall financing, you can gain access to a variety of resources for your clients. This enables you to dig deeper and find evidence to support their claim. As a result, you can give them the justice they deserve.

Workplace Accidents

Did you know that approximately 4 million people are injured in the workplace every year? This results in millions of claims being made against big corporations. For an individual to win their case, they need strong legal backing. As an attorney, you can only provide this if you have enough financial power. Step forward our workplace accidents funding. We give you money to help fight the big companies, and gain a big settlement for your clients.

Employment Discrimination

There are many people that suffer employment discrimination without even knowing it. These types of claim are becoming more and more common. Employees are seeking compensation for their lives being made worse due to prejudice. For attorneys, it can be difficult to prove your clients have a claim. Companies can take their time with these lawsuits, and cover up their tracks. With employment discrimination financing, you can put a stop to this. Use the money to pay for expert witnesses to back up your client’s case. It can help put you in a position where you’re capable of taking on a big company.

Medical Malpractice

Often, medical practitioners can get things wrong, and we suffer from it. A wrong diagnosis can end up costing someone thousands of dollars. These claims often involve big settlements and need to be taken seriously. Get third party medical malpractice funding, and you can push your client’s claim forward. This money is perfect to pay for extensive medical reports that prove the medical professional was in the wrong.

As you can see, we fund a range of claims. If you wish to apply for funding, fill in our short form, and we’ll get in touch as soon as possible.

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