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Commercial Litigation

As a business owner, you are faced with a long list of 24/7 responsibilities. Arguably none of those daily challenges are as important as keeping your business protected. This is especially true when dealing with things from a legal viewpoint.

In an ideal world, you’d love to avoid those legal issues altogether. In reality, that simply isn’t always a possibility. Heading down the road of commercial litigation can feel tiresome, and it can be a very costly process too. Even if you’re convinced that you’ll receive the right verdict, those immediate fees can feel rather daunting. But you can remove those financial strains by gaining access to commercial lawsuit funding.

Commercial litigation can be a daunting process. This is particularly true for business owners that haven’t experienced this type of legal challenge before. Commercial litigation funding can be used to remove financial concerns whilst strengthening your claim simultaneously.

What Is Commercial Litigation Funding?

Sometimes in business, legal proceedings become a necessity. If you find yourself in one of those situations, it’s vital that you give yourself the best chance of achieving the verdict that you deserve. To do this, you will need money, which is where commercial litigation funding solutions come into plat. Funding can be offered on a non recourse basis to cover the costs associated with running a claim regardless of the requirements.

Many businesses leverage the financial power of Litigation Funding to strengthen their claim, maximise it’s value, increase it’s chances of success whilst simultaneously mitigating against any financial losses in the event of unsuccessful litigation. Funding is offered by a third party funding company in exchange for an agreed repayment of the capital and interest or on hybrid deal structures which include a percentage of the damages as well as an agreed return of investment. Litigation Funding provides businesses with a financing tool that can be used to provide financial tool to protect them whilst they pursue or defend litigation. Funding can be used to cover legal fees, disbursements, Insurance costs as well as medical, personal and business costs during the claims process.

When Could I Need Third Party Commercial Litigation Funding?

The world of business is a complicated arena. Unsurprisingly, you may be required to take legal action for a whole host of different reasons. Any situation that needs legal support is one where you can benefit from using commercial lawsuit funding companies and ATE Insurance providers.

Naturally, some situations are more common than others. The three most frequent issues are:

  • Breach of Contract: Whether it’s a contract signed by an employee or a client doesn’t matter. There are many incidents where one party might not adhere to the rules. If someone has broken the contract, costing you money, a lawsuit may be needed to ensure you gain financial justice.
  • Tortious Interference: A breach of contract may not only come from the direct parties involved. It isn’t uncommon for third parties to influence a client or employee. The most regular occurrence of this is when an employee breaks their exclusive contract by working for another company.
  • Corporate Disputes: As a business grows, it may enter mergers, takeovers, or a business divorce. These are complex situations that can often lead to disagreements. In many cases, legal action is the only way to reach a satisfactory conclusion.

There are various other incidents that may require commercial lawsuit funding. From personal injury claims to copyright infringement, gaining the financial support to help you through those situations is vital.

What to Look For In A Commercial Litigation Provider

Facing a lawsuit can be quite daunting, even when you know that you’re in the right. Therefore, every decision made during the preparation needs to be the right one – particularly when it comes to funding. There are a number of third-party commercial litigation funding companies out there. So how can you be sure you’ve chosen the right solution? Thats where we can help.

For most business owners, the biggest fear is leaving the legal battle in a worse situation than when they arrived. Losing the case is a nightmare situation in itself, but it will be made infinitely worse when you’re faced with substantial legal fees and adverse costs. At Claims Funding we provide brokering services for non-recourse litigation funding and insurance solutions which are designed to strengthen claims, maximise their value and provide insurance cover to claimants in the event of unsuccessful litigation.

We work with various litigation funding companies and ATE Insurance providers that provide solutions across a wide range of claims including but not limited to:

  • Auto Accidents
  • Personal Injury Claims
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Copyright Claims
  • Patent Infringement
  • Product Liability
  • Medical Negligence
  • Dental Claims
  • Investor Fraud
  • Construction Claims
  • IP Infringement
  • Financial Mis-Selling
  • Class Actions
  • Bespoke Claims Solutions

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