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How Commercial Litigation Claims get funded

How Commercial Litigation Claims get funded

How Commercial Litigation Claims get funded

Commercial claims litigation funding is vital for many cases involving individuals or businesses, and it is your right as a US citizen to apply for funding. Without this financial help many people would not be able to seek justice, which would clearly be unfair and unconstitutional. Once the process of applying for funding is broken down, you can see that it’s actually quite straightforward. Put simply, litigation funders will use a variety of means to assess how likely it is that the claimant will win the damages or settlement sought. On top of that, funders will assess whether the defendant has the capital to pay the settlement or damages. Best of all, though, is that there is absolutely no financial risk to you, the claimant, as we offer a no win no fee service.

Let’s take a look at how the approval process normally goes.

Funders such as ourselves routinely select cases which have a particular set of attributes. First of all, we want to make sure that your case has good fundamentals which make for a viable, successful lawsuit. We then look to ascertain the basics of the case, such as whether the case is, in fact, a commercial dispute, and whether, based on the jurisdiction it is filed in, it will be covered by common law or not. We will then look at the attorney assigned to the case (if there already is one) and check to see that their understanding and handling of the matter so far is satisfactory.

Most importantly, as funders, we ensure that the settlement that is aimed for is a fair and adequate amount of money to compensate you, and also that the funding you receive from us prior to the settlement affords you comfort and dignity while you seek justice. Claimants access our funding solutions for a variety of reasons, such as for help with medical costs, living costs, and of course legal costs. Our particular funding options are available at a diverse range of amounts (from $500 – $1,000,000+) meaning that you can be sure that the right amount of money will be made available to you.

Funders may then look into whether any patents are involved in the lawsuit and whether it is an investor-state arbitration matter. In order to give you an idea of the settlement or damages to expect, we use all of the information we’ve gathered to analyse your case. We will also seek expert legal advice, taking into account the economics of each individual case. Funders then make sure that any attorney attached to your case has a proven track record of success and is committed to your case, as shown by a willingness to work for reduced fees or a partial contingency fee agreement.

In order to get the process started, do your best to compile any relevant paperwork pertaining to your case so that you can show it to your chosen funder when asked. This gives services like ours the information needed to assess your case. Our team works to approve applications in days, so you won’t have to wait long for the peace of mind that you have our support.

Litigation funding companies such as ourselves give you, the claimant, the best shot at justice as there is no restriction on the legal resources our funding can make available to you. Many individuals and businesses never begin the process of attaining funding for their commercial claim, which is unfortunate as, with our help, they may have been able to secure the settlement that they rightly deserve. With no repayments due until your claim settles, and no repayments due at all if your claim is unsuccessful, there is nothing to stop you trying for the result that is fair for you. You simply need to provide us with your contact information and we will guide you through the process, step by step.


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