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How it Works

Step 1: Contact Us
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You can reach us directly on 01-5390080 or alternatively you can complete a no obligation online enquiry form by clicking the “Apply Now” button on our website.
Step 2: Enquiry Reviewed
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A dedicated advisor will provide an initial review of your enquiry to ensure it meets the criteria for funding. This process is simple, straight forward and completed within minutes.
Step 3:Transferred to Funding Partners
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Once your enquiry is valid it will be transferred to our funding partners for evaluation.
Step 4: Claims Evaluation
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Once the funding company receive your enquiry they will contact your solicitor directly and review the specifics of your claim.
Step 5a: Funding Approved
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Your claim is assessed and funding has been approved. The sign up process begins.
Step 5b: Funding Rejected
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Your claim has been assessed but funding has been rejected. At this point your enquiry will be closed.
Step 6: Sign Up Process
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Once the application is accepted terms and documentation will be sent to you and your solicitors to complete the funding process.
Step 7: Cooling Off Period
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Once forms are signed, completed and returned the cooling off period begins. This is a legal requirement which must be abided by.
Step 8: Funding Transferred
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Once the cooling off period has passed the funding will be transferred electronically.
Step 9a: Claim Won
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Only once your solicitor receives your compensation does our funding have to be repaid.
Step 9b: Claim Lost
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If your claim is unsuccessful the funding does not have to be repaid and your case is closed.
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