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Attorney Fees & Disbursements

We promote claims funding solutions designed to strengthen claims and maximise their chances of success. Litigation Funding is valuable financial mechanism used to finance the costs of litigating a claim by covering attorney fees and legal disbursements which ensures a persons  access to justice is not defined by their financial resources. We promote non-recourse funding solutions to cover all or part of the legal fees associated with a wide range of claims including but not limited to: personal injury commercial litigation, copyright infringement, financial claims and class actions. Funding is available to cover attorneys fees and disbursements on a wide range of claims including but not limited to:


    • Auto Accidents
    • Personal Injury Claims
    • Commercial Litigation
    • Copyright Claims
    • Patent Infringement
    • Product Liability
    • Medical Negligence
    • Dental Claims
    • Investor Fraud
    • Construction Claims
    • IP Infringement
    • Financial Mis-Selling
    • Class Actions
    • Bespoke Claims Solutions


Depending on the complexity of a claim fees and disbursements can be substantial and these are aspects of your claim which are vital. By strengthening your team and resources you are effectively increasing your odds of success. Third party reports, consultants, witnesses and experts are used to maximise your claims value but these add significant costs. Litigation Funding can be used to cover these costs and disbursements which ensures your case does not suffer due to financial restrictions.

We offer non-recourse funding solicitors which can be sued to cover will your attorneys fees and disbursements. This ensures you have the best possible case, team and resources which will give you best possible chance of obtaining a successful case.

Attorneys Fees and Disbursements include:

  • Attorney Fees
  • ATE Insurance Costs
  • Legal Experts & Consultants
  • Medical Reports
  • Claims Consultants
  • Barristers Fees
  • Expert Reports
  • Court Fees
  • Specialist Advice
  • Expert Witnesses

We promote non-recourse litigation funding solutions which covers attorneys fees and loans for solicitor fees and disbursements from $1,000 – $1m+ If your claim is not won for any reason you do not have to repay the loan or interest. This is a guarantee.

To learn more about our services for Solicitors Fees and Disbursements please contact us.

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