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Medical & Rehabilitation Funding

Our funding services go above and beyond the industry standard. For a lot of legal funding companies, the main aim is to help clients achieve maximum settlements. At Claims Funding, we also care about the health of our clients. We offer a service with a particular emphasis on medical & rehabilitation funding. This enables individuals to pay for the medical treatment they need while undergoing a lawsuit.

Personal injury claims are one of the most common lawsuits around. The laws surrounding personal injuries are such that many people can get compensation. If you get injured, and it wasn’t your fault, then you should file a lawsuit against the guilty party. Personal injuries can ruin someone’s life, either temporarily or forever.

The other problem with personal injury claims is that they can be very expensive. In general, filing a lawsuit and paying for it is expensive. Especially if you want to get the best settlement possible. But, with an injury, you have additional expenses. Think about all the medical treatments you need to pay for during this time. You’ll be hit with heavy hospital bills, and charged for physical rehabilitation too. It can be very difficult to afford these charges at the best of times. But, when you’re spending lots of money on a lawsuit, it becomes even harder. The bills rack up, and you end up in a bad financial position. To add to this, you might be unable to work and struggling to generate income.

So, what do you do? For many people, they choose to focus on their lawsuit. They don’t pay medical bills and stop going for treatment. As a result, they’re still in debt and feel worse because they’re not getting the treatment they need. Instead, you should look for medical funding. We offer medical and rehabilitation funding to get you the treatment you need. You can use the money to pay for all your medical bills and get yourself back to full health. This takes the strain off your finances, and you can cope with life a lot better. All the while, your lawsuit is still going on, and you can get a settlement too.

What Are The Benefits Of Medical & Rehabilitation Funding?

The benefits of this service are that you get money, fast. There’s no waiting around for a settlement to come through and provide financial relief. When your application is approved, you get the money as soon as possible. This means you can use the money to address any medical issues you might have. Use our funding to sort out those problems, and your personal finances can focus on other matters.

At Claims Funding all of our services are no win no fee. So, if you don’t get your settlement, then you don’t pay us back. No matter what, you get the money you need to pay for your medical treatments. Essentially, we offer medical loans that don’t have to be paid back right away. Payment is only due when the settlement is agreed if you win.

We want to ensure you have the financial resources to pay for medical & rehab treatments. More to the point, we want you to do this while the claims process is ongoing, not after. We can give you medical or rehabilitation loans, that don’t always have to be repaid. Our funding can assist you during the claims process. It gives you one less thing to worry about and helps heal your injuries. As a knock on effect, you’ll be in a better position to gain the maximum settlement. You can use your personal finances to pay for legal things and get the best attorney possible. Don’t fret about medical bills, as our funding has you covered.

Who Can Apply For This Funding?

This funding is reserved for individuals with personal injury claims. If you have any other legal claim, then we advise you to look at one of our other services. Anyone in the middle of a personal injury claims dispute should contact us today. Give us your details, and we’ll be in touch to discuss matters in more detail. We’ll provide a free review of your claim to see where you stand. If we think you have a solid case, then we’ll be more than happy to provide funding. The amount we supply depends on each individual and their situation. This will be discussed with you when your application has been approved.

If you feel as though this service is for you, then don’t hesitate to get in touch. Any queries you have will be answered by a member of our team as quickly as possible.

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