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Medical & Rehabilitation Funding

Litigation Funding is typically used to only cover the legal costs of a claim. It’s is primarily used to strengthen a claims to help the claimants obtain the maximum levels of compensation. This is primary function in the vast majority of claims true in the vast majority of claims but in personal injury claims including medical negligence there are matters which trump all and that is a  as a persons health and recovery.

Typically claimants with Personal Injury and Medical Negligence Claims will have injuries which can lead to signifiant medical and rehabilitation costs. If a claimant does not have the financial means to cover these costs they may be prevented from getting the treatment they need when they need it most. This can have a detrimental and permanent affect on making a full recovery. If a claimant is expecting a significant settlement they may be forced to wait until they receive compensation before they get treatment which may take years.

Claims Finding promote non-recourse funding solutions which can be used to cover medical and rehabilitation costs during the claims process when they are needed most. The solutions do not have have monthly repayments and can be used to cover costs such as:

  • Surgery Costs
  • Medical Treatments
  • Physiotherapy
  • Consultants
  • Treatment and therapy
  • Medical Equipment
  • Rehabilitation Costs

Funding is available during the claims process when claimants need it most. Recovery should not be delayed as it can prove detriment in the long term.

What Are The Benefits Of Medical & Rehabilitation Funding?

By using funding to cover medical and rehabilitation costs when they are needed a claimant does not have to delay treatment until the end of the claims process when they have the finances. Delaying medical procedures or treatments can have a long lasting and negative affects on a persons rehabilitation and overall recovery. Funding can be used during the claims process to finance the costs of medical and rehabilitation treatments to ensure a claimant has the best possible chance of making a full and speedy recovery.

At Claims Funding we promote solutions on a non-recourse basis. This means that in the unthinkable situation of losing the litigation the funding does not need to repaid. Repayment of the funding is only ever required in the event of a successful claim when your legal team have recovered your compensation.

Who Can Apply For This Funding?

litigation funding for medical and rehabilitation expenses is typically used in the personal injury claims process. It can however be also be used by individuals looking to apply for a pre-settlement loan so that they can use the funding to cover alternative medical costs. If you feel as though this service is for you, then don’t hesitate to get in touch. Any queries you have will be answered by a member of our team as quickly as possible.

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