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Personal & Living Expenses

The litigation process can take a number of years. If a claimant is also suffering a loss of income during the claims process expenses can soon add up and spiral out of control. Pursuing a court case can cost a signifiant amount of money and can be a tremendous drain on personal savings or business finances. Whilst litigation funding is traditionally used to cover legal costs and disbursements exclusively we promote funding solutions which can also be used to cover personal and living expenses during the claims process. Funding is offered on a non recourse basis and can be used to cover a wide variety of costs including but not limited to:

  • Mortgage Repayments
  • Loan & Credit Card Commitments
  • Family Costs & Expenditure
  • Personal Finance and Insurance costs
  • General Living Expenses
  • Personal and Medical Costs

Funding is available to ensure  a claimants qualify of life doesn’t suffer during the claims process.

What Are The Benefits Of Funding for Personal and Living Expenses?

By leveraging funding for personal and living expenses a claimant can use third party funds to remove personal concerns which might otherwise have a negative impact on their litigation. If a claimant is involved in legal action against a well resourced opponent claims can run for a number of years and costs can run into the millions. This will usually impact significantly on an individuals personal situation which can force them into early settlement or in some cases abandonment of their claim.

Funding is used to remove the personal burdens of financial expenses and costs during an already stressful litigation process. Funding can be used to cover these costs which removes unnecessary concerns during the claims process. All of our solutions are offered on a non recourse basis with no monthly repayments. Repayment is only required when your case settles and your attorney has received your compensation.


Who Can Apply For This Funding?

If you have a claim in progress and require funding to cover your personal expenses please get in touch. We will provide a free no obligation review of your case to see if you qualify for the funding solutions on offer. Please contact us by telephone or request a call back.


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