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Pre-Settlement Funding

Here at Claims Funding, we’re one of the national leaders in pre-settlement funding. We offer a service that helps our clients get the funding they require. It’s understandable that financial problems often come with lawsuits. Whether you’re making a personal injury claim or going through divorce proceedings, it costs money. Especially in the first case, where an injury could put you out of work for months. When this happens, you’re in desperate need of money.

The simple fact is, a lot of individuals require money when going through a lawsuit. They’re desperately waiting for their settlement to come through and free them. The problem is, lawsuits are rarely quick procedures. There is so much that goes into each lawsuit, lots of evidence needs to be collected. You’re often left waiting around for months before a decision is made, granting you that settlement money. During this time, your life could turn upside down. Any income you have is going straight towards the lawsuit. You’re paying for an attorney and having to take time off work to be part of the case. All of this leads to one thing, financial insecurity. You don’t have the money to pay for important things and start slipping down a dark hole. Debt piles up, you have people banging on your door repossessing your stuff, it’s a living nightmare.

For most people, financial relief only occurs once the settlement has been finalized. Then, you have your money and can get to work repairing the damages. However, this can often be too late. Too much damage has been caused as a result of your bad financial situation. So, what can you do to prevent this from happening?

Step forward our pre-settlement funding service. We offer things known as pre-settlement loans for individuals in lawsuits. Claims Funding can give you the money you need before a settlement has been reached. Once you have the money, it’s yours to use as you please. Got any outstanding debts? Pay them off immediately. Need to cover the costs of legal fees to help get a better settlement? Then you can use your settlement loan for that too. We put you in a position of financial power, meaning you have one less thing to worry about.

What Are The Benefits Of Pre-Settlement Funding?

The main benefit of this service is that you don’t have to wait for your settlement to come through. We give you a settlement advance, and you can get to work rebuilding your life. The longer you spend waiting around doing nothing, the worse things will be.

Another key benefit is that this service is better than conventional loans. We’re pretty sure plenty of claimants will be wondering why you shouldn’t just apply for a personal loan? The difference is, you have to repay a loan no matter what. If you applied for a personal loan and lost your case, you’d be in deep trouble. There’s no way you’d have the money to make your repayments on time. At Claims Funding, all of our services are no win no fee orientated. So, if we supply you with pre-settlement funding, you only pay us back if you win. Lose your case, and you have no fear of having to make big repayments to us. This is just one of the many things that set us apart from other settlement funding companies out there. We care for each individual that we invest our money in.

Who Can Apply For Pre-Settlement Funding?

In theory, anyone can apply for one of our settlement loans. Setting the ball rolling couldn’t be any easier. Fill in the Call Me Back form so we have your details on record. Our team will then get in touch with you as soon as possible. Then, we’ll give a completely free, no-obligation review. This is where we take a look at your case and assess its merit. If we feel as though you have a strong claim, we’ll give you the funding you need. This whole review process happens very quickly, and applications are approved within days. The money will be in your bank account very soon after approval.

By having pre-settlement funding, you can strengthen any legal claim you have. No longer will you live in fear of your finances. Money won’t become an issue that prevents you from pursuing a legal case. You’ll have enough cash to gain access to all the resources you need. This includes paying for a good attorney to help secure the biggest settlement possible. Never settle for less than what you’re entitled to. Get in touch with us if you want to learn more about this service.

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