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Pre-Settlement Funding

At Claims Funding we promote non recourse (no win no fee) pre-settlement funding solutions suitable for individuals, businesses and solicitors. We deal with a wide range of claims from Personal Injury to Complex Commercial Litigation and can provide solutions for pre-settlement loans ranging from $1,000-$1m+ depending on the specifics of the case.

Litigation can run for a number of years during which time a claimant may suffer disruption to their personal or business finances. Whilst they may have a significant claim of value pending it is never a 100% certainty and is of no financial benefit to a claimant. Pre Settlement Funding Loans can be used to leverage the potential value of your claim whilst in the claims process or to draw down a portion of damages after a successful settlement in order to ease immediate cash flow concerns.

We promote non-recourse solutions from various pre-settlement funding companies which enables us to provide our clients with finances to ensure their quality of life doesn’t suffer during the claims process . Pre-Settlement funding loans are available to cover a wide range of sosts such as:

  • Personal Finances
  • Business Expenses
  • Mortgage Repayments
  • Medical Treatments
  • Living Expenses
  • Finance and Insurance Costs


The simple fact is, a lot of individuals require money when going through a lawsuit. The problem is that lawsuits are rarely quick procedures. There is so much that goes into each lawsuit, lots of evidence needs to be cocan run for a number of years which can create create significant financial problems. If you are financing the cost of your litigation or waiting for a settlement with mounting bills to pay costs can soon spiral out of control and become a serious issue. Pre-settlement loans can be used to remove these concerns and ensure your personal situation does not suffer during the claims process.

What Are The Benefits Of Pre-Settlement Funding?

Having a claim with a significant commercial value is good but until your case successfully settles, compensation has been received by your attorney and the funds are in your account it is not of much benefit financially. Pre-settlement funding provides a financial mechanism to leverage the potential value of a claim and release some of its value when it’s needed most. Funding can be applied for at different stages of a claims progression and is available from $1,000 – $1m+. We promote pre-settlement loans on a non-recourse basis which means that in the event of unsuccessful litigation any funding you have received is written off.

Who Can Apply For Pre-Settlement Funding?

If you have claim in progress you could be eligible for pre-settlement funding loans. To find out more please contact us for a free no obligation review.

Why Use Us?

Funding from $1,000 - $1m+

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No Repayments Until Your Claim Settles

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